Antiflux is a friendly Internet collective run by volunteers using donated hardware and bandwidth. There are no membership fees, but users occasionally ask how they can help out. This page was established to keep track of what we need and who has donated money or hardware to keep Antiflux running.

If you would like to help out, please email

Wish list

ItemRough CostNotes domain registration$20/yearevan has been paying this for a long time

Past upgrades

19 December, 2003new hard drives$411.95
19 March, 2004new IDE drive$154.08
27 June, 2004SCSI card$324
5 June, 2006250 GB IDE drive$114.48
1 December, 2006new server (P4 3.4 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 320 GB drive)
20 June, 20081 TB backup drive$218
6 June, 20122 TB backup drive$160

We also buy an occasional pizza lunch for Tera-Byte to thank them for hosting us.


Thanks to everyone who donated money (or hardware, as indicated) over the years. If we've missed a contribution below, please let us know.

Special thanks to Tera-Byte for providing bandwidth. Without their generosity, we couldn't afford to run Antiflux. If you host a personal domain with us, please consider registering it through Tera-Byte.

How to send money/hardware

okcomputer lives at Tera-Byte, so tim is the one most likely to physically buy and install hardware. He no longer works there, but he visits from time to time. To get his current address, log in to okcomputer and run "cat ~tim/address.txt" or just email him.


Antiflux uses a lot of Free Software. If you're looking for some karma, the Antiflux administrators suggest supporting one or more of the following projects.

Additions to this list are welcome.